Google+ Photo Importer App For iPhone

Google Plus Photo Importer for iPhone lets you import 100 photos to your Google+ in less than a minute from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Photobucket, which is available on the iPhone for $0.99. Images are transferred through the Cloud, so you don’t waste any of that precious bandwidth and you an transfer single images or whole albums, and keeps your Metadata intact……………


Transfer hundreds of photos to Google+ in minutes with Google Plus Photo Importer for iPhone and purchasing Google Plus Photo Importer, a $0.99 iPhone app available in the iTunes App Store, allows you to instantly upload images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Photobucket. The way the app works is pretty flexible and you can select individual photos, select certain photos within a set or album or even select an entire set or album at a time to upload. The app retains all of your information as well, including set titles, image titles and even metadata, so the transfer is a painless and easy process requiring no effort on your part. Google Plus Photo Importer boasts the ability to transfer 100 photos in less than a minute and a transfer from Flickr to Google+ clocked in at about a minute and a half, which is still pretty impressive. Google Plus Photo Importer will not affect your bandwidth or data usage since the transfers are all cloud based and there’s no download to your phone so you can easily import photos when you’re on the go.



  • Access your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Photobucket photo albums.
  • Copy 100 photos in less than a minute.
  • Built on Cloud to Cloud technology: Easily import dozens of photos in seconds.
  • Does not affect bandwidth or data usage Cloud based transfers.
  • Select multiple or all photos in your albums – transfer with a single tap.
  • Imports your photo’s Metadata – Titles, Descriptions.
  • Save a lot of time and hassle.




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