Amazon Makes Record Holiday Sales, Prime Attracts Millions

Every year after Christmas, Amazon reveals its holidays sales figures which are usually the highest among all online retailers. This year is no different as the company reported 36.8 million items sold on Cyber Monday alone.


That’s an extraordinary number, even for a retailer as big as Amazon. It essentially means that Amazon was selling a whopping 426 items per second on the said day. Although the company shied away from providing concrete Kindle numbers, it did hint that millions of Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets were sold through the holiday season.

Another highlight of the holidays this year was the immense popularity of Amazon Prime. Apparently, people are increasingly focused on getting their shipments in time, so a million or so new customers signed up for Amazon Prime during the third week of December. Of course this was, in part, helped by the fact that Amazon was offering two-day free shipping to Prime users.

One of the most quickly sold items at Amazon this year were Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The rapid pace of their sales soon turned into 1000 units flying off each minute. This shows that the gamers are losing no time in shifting to the new generation of gaming consoles.

However, all didn’t go smooth for Amazon. Among the millions of new subscribers of Amazon Prime, many weren’t able to receive their purchases in time. Since Amazon partners with UPS in having Prime purchases delivered, the retailer blamed UPS for being the one responsible for the glitch. UPS eventually admitted that it was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of air packages and was sorry for the whole thing.

In all, Amazon had yet another record-breaking year where the retailer was able to sell many of its own items, such as Kindle Fire tablets, bolstering its ecosystem as well as its profits successfully.

Courtesy: CNET

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