Amazon Website Becomes Temporarily Unavailable

According to reports emerging from multiple users, Amazon’s home page became inaccessible for a few hours today. For some, the page was only intermittently accessible, returning the ‘service unavailable’ error at times. The issue seems resolved now and normal access to the page has resumed.


Website inaccessibility is rather common for the likes of Twitter, which also incidentally went down for many users today, for a few hours. However, for an e-retail giant like Amazon who is essentially selling a large number of products every minute, such an outage can be a cause of financial concern.

While Amazon’s main website had run into troubles, the e-retail giant’s mobile apps seemed to be working normally. Moreover, the Amazon cloud was also unaffected by the outage, being normally accessible to users worldwide. That must have offset the financial losses that Amazon may have suffered in the brief outage episode.

In the past, we have witnessed similar temporary failures happening to companies making use of Amazon’s cloud service. These include the likes of Instagram and Netflix. However, this time, it seems that Amazon was the one to suffer. Thankfully, the issue was resolved soon and access to the main website was resumed.

Courtesy: All Things D

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