Videographer Recreates Apple’s Infinite Loop Headquarters In Minecraft

Over the past, avid Minecraft users have recreated copies of many real-world buildings within the realm of the game. Michael Steeber has now transported Apple‘s iconic Infinite Loop headquarters to Minecraft, creating a stunningly detailed version of it.

Minecraft Infinite Loop headquarters

According to Steeber, he has been working on recreating the Infinite Loop headquarters in Minecraft since two years. While it is quite common to see people creating replicas of objects and buildings from real world in the land of Minecraft, Steeber has put an extraordinary amount of detail in his map.

In his own words, ‘On and off over the last two years, I’ve been working on recreating Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters in Minecraft. This past week, I finally finished up adding the last few details.’

The video posted below will give you an idea of how Steeber worked rather hard not to miss even the tiniest features of the facility when creating his map. Minecraft-ers can download the map from here.

Source: Michael Steeber
Courtesy: iClarified

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