Apple’s Most Web Service Is Down At This Moment

So far we cant confirm the causes, but we could see buzz of tweets complaining that Apple’s several web-service including iCloud, iMessage, App Store, Apple’s developer portal and some other service is down right now. Though we could see is online. Read details below.

Apple down

We could see floods of tweets complaining several Apple’s service down. It seems Apple also acknowledge it as we find our iCloud Status page shows “Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal service will be restored ASAP. ”

iCloud Down

Apple’s iMessage service seems down as well, as mail sending fails for most user.

Report by “MacRumors” suggests “Apple may have experienced Internet issues for its own employees at its Cupertino headquarters”.

Update 1:
As of 06/20/2012 13:06 PDT iCloud Status page says “All services are online.” We also see Tweets saying its working now. Check yourself.

Thanks: MacRumors

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