[Leaked] Google Bringing New Look To Gmail

Today Google uploaded a video on Gmail on Google Operating System on Its main YouTube channel, which actually revealed some of Gmail unknown and seems to be upcoming feature. Google Have removed that video from its channel, but we have got a separate source and screen shots below.

New Gmail

Check the video first

New Remarkable Feature:

# An updated search box that includes advanced options

# An action bar that uses icons instead of text labels

# A completely new interface for conversations

# Profile pictures next to contacts

# A flexible layout that adapts to any window size

# Display density options like in Google Docs

# Resizable chat/labels sections, new high-definition themes

# No separate Google Contacts or Google Task menu. Its now drop down

# Easy implementable design, now make it yours very easily.

Its still not available, but could be available very soon. Stay tuned in TheTechJournal.com

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