Bitcoiniacs Will Bring Bitcoin Kiosks To Canadian Cities

Purchasing Bitcoin currency in exchange for your actual money can be quite a hassle. However, it may be a lot easier for Canadians now that Bitcoiniacs is planning on bringing Bitcoin kiosks to 5 Canadian cities.


Currently, you can have your money converted into Bitcoin currency through any of the many online Bitcoin exchanges and other places. However, since most these online places are run independently, many have cited security and privacy concerns over such deals.

Naturally, it would be a lot more secure if a person could simply walk down his block and get Bitcoins from a real building with a real office. This is precisely why Bitcoiniacs has started its own retail presence in Canada and now intends to expand this presence.

The company says that it has placed an order of five Bitcoin kiosks from RoboCoin, a Las-Vegas based company. These kiosks will be placed in five different Canadian cities in the coming months, starting from October this year. According to the owner of Bitcoiniacs, Mitchell Demeter, ‘Basically, it just make it easier for people to buy and sell Bitcoins and hopefully will drive the adoption of Bitcoin, and make it more accessible for people.’

The current process of acquiring Bitcoins online is very arduous and daunting. And in many cases, it can take two weeks or so before your account is verified and you are allowed to either purchase or sell Bitcoins. However, Bitcoiniacs intends to change this in Canada by offering retail presence of the very same service.

Courtesy: CBC



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