Microsoft Launches HTML5 Version Of ‘The Hunger Games’

The movie adaptation of the renowned novel ‘The Hunger Games’ will be hitting the theatres on Friday. Microsoft is partnering with Lionsgate to promote the movie and in a bid to do so, has build a HTML5 version of The Hunger Games. This site, or minisite as it is being called, features a number of latest HTML5 techniques such as stream, lens flare and video projections to give some very real, and special, effects.

The site also offers some very exciting features to the visitors. For instance, you can sign-in with your Twitter or Facebook ID and then let the site access your friends’ display pics. Once the site has them, it will place the faces on different banners and walls throughout the site.

The website works fine on recent versions of nearly all mainstream browsers. Also, apart from featuring the movie itself, the site also offers numerous exclusives in the form of never-before-seen clips of the movie. To access these ‘Easter eggs’, you can punch in ‘iVolunteer’ with your keyboard when you are in the Control Room after you click on the map section.

Another hidden surprise is to click on Katniss and then Peeta in the Avenue of Tributes. This will reveal a clip from the training center. Microsoft is using the occasion not only to promote The Hunger Games but also to tout its browser Internet Explorer together with demonstrating the awesomeness of HTML5. You may want to head over to the site to give it a look for yourself.


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