Chrome Briefly Beats Internet Explorer For The No. 1 Browser Spot

There’s a very high probability that you are reading this post on Google’s web browser, Chrome. And that you were an Internet Explorer user just a few years back but now you find it utterly impossible compared to the light, speedy and more secure Chrome. In fact, the stats collected from billions of of pageviews reveal that Chrome briefly beat IE in the last week of November and became the browser tooled by most users online.

This was just a brief win for Google Chrome as IE regained the top spot quickly. But this does not mean IE can be safe with it for the coming days. Despite the open-source community’s support for Firefox and it’s rapid rise against IE, Google Chrome was able to steer far ahead of Firefox very soon after it’s release. And from user ratings to reviews and opinions online, nearly everything considers Chrome the niftier, speedier and kind of cuter solution to web browsing.

The future of IE?
So the question is now ‘will Chrome take over IE’ but that when is it gonna happen? Just so you have a clearer picture, Chrome secured 23.6 percent of the overall browser market in the last month of November, pitted against IE’s 23.5 percent. A very close margin indeed. And although Chrome fell back on percentage and this win was a mere blip, it does indicate that Chrome is catching up real fast and is lurking right behind IE. We haven’t seen anything extra-ordinary from IE and that seems to make everyone put the bets with Chrome and not IE in the coming days. While some are speculating that Chrome may finally overtake IE in 2012, what remains to be seen is that whether or not Microsoft is going to do anything about IE. We can, after all, expect surprise come-backs from the largest tech giant of the world.

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