Chromium Hit Version 9

A few days Google Chrome 7 stable was released and before the Google Chrome 8 beta it has just entered the Chromium 9 era!Chromium 9 is now available, specifically, Chromium 9.0.562.0.

Chrome developers are currently working on the Chrome 8 beta which may land as early as next week. This makes sense since the Google Chrome 7 beta has been graduated to the stable channel this week.

Beta channel users are now, essentially, running the same version as the stable channel ones. This happens every time a new stable version is pushed, but this time around, they won’t be stuck like this for too long and should get updated to Google Chrome 8 next week.

The stable version of Google Chrome 8 should land by the end of November, which means that Google Chrome 9 may be available by the end of the year, though that would be even faster than the new six-weeks development cycle Google recently switched to.

Currently Chrome OS is at build, and is running Chrome version 8.0.552.9.

The biggest addition to Chrome 9 will be full support for hardware acceleration, along with some visual tweaks for the new Omnibox, which currently can be seen in Chromium 8.

Download it now from here.


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