Creative Commons Version 4.0 Has Finally Been Released

Creative Commons licenses essentially define to what extent a given content is copyright protected. The organization has now announced that it has finally released version 4.0 of these licenses.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons took two years to develop version 4.0 of the licenses. In doing so, the organization took help from a number of legal experts worldwide, trying to make the CC licenses more up to date and compatible with prevalent laws.

International licenses:
The highlight of the new version is that it is internationally robust and especially useful for publishers in European Union. Similarly, CC claims that the new licenses bring excellent options to government-related entities who can protect their copyrighted content by using CC 4.0.

Individual licensee anonymity:
In total, Creative Commons offers 6 types of licenses, each of which offers a varying degree of copyright protection and a different definition for how the content should be shared and attributed. With version 4.0, CC has also ensured that users who wish to stay anonymous while guarding their copyrighted content don’t have to divulge many personal details.

Improved licensee rights:
Under certain CC licenses, a licensee allows others to reproduce or share his copyrighted content without modifying it. However, in some cases, such reproduction may be at such a place that the licensee doesn’t agree with it. So version 4.0 gives the licensee a right to remove attribution from such a reproduction and cite his disassociation.

Easy-to-read, globally adapted licenses:
In the past, it has been frequently cited that CC licenses often contain legal jargon and are fairly hard to read. In version 4.0, the CC team promises that ‘the license text is completely restructured and rewritten in such a way that it is readable for people who are not lawyers.’ A number of translations are also available together with an incorporation of local laws in these licenses so as to give them a truly global nature.

Although most of these are minute changes which may not be visible at first sight, the organization has certainly improved the Creative Common licenses significantly in the new version. You can adopt the version 4 of these licenses by visiting the official CC website.

Source: Creative Commons

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