Crowd CMS: An Open-Source, Free Web Platform For Non-Profits

Compared to notable brands and for-profit organizations, non-profits often have a lackluster online presence. Crowd CMS, a new KickStarter project, aims to change that by creating an open-source and free web platform for the non-profits.

Crowd CMS

One of the key problems of setting up a professional site for non-profits is that they lack the resources and the time to deploy one. It is often hard for such an organization to afford a full-time tech team to set up, overlook and update a dedicated site. And that is the reason why the official sites of many regional and local non-profits are poor to navigate, aren’t frequently updated and lack the relevant content.

Crowd CMS aims to change that by providing an Enterprise Level solution for free to such organizations. The platform will allow non-profits to quickly create and deploy websites with all the necessary requisites. These include the ability to update quickly, functionality for receiving donations, support for multiple languages, support for payment gateways and a number of other features.

Commenting on this endeavor, British web developer Rob Waite says, “We’d love to help get charities, nonprofits and business startups online for free while not compromising on the quality and performance that you sometimes get with other community-driven applications. These sites will be future-proofed, scalable, fully web compliant, responsive, accessible, search engine-friendly and customizable.”

Although a number of ready site-building platforms are available today, they are often paid and cost a buck. WordPress, for instance, charges a certain sum for setting up a professional-grade site. IM Creator, on the other hand, is another quality website builder with a handsome collection of free templates.

Crowd CMS, however, is free and open-source which makes it all the more preferable for the non-profits. Waite has launched a KickStarter campaign to amass sufficient funds to fully develop such a platform. The goal of the campaign is to reach £20,000 in pledges. Given that the campaign aims to bring professional website building capabilities to the non-profits for free, it is a cause worth lightening your pocket for.

Source: KickStarter

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