Domestic Google Voice Calls Will Remain Free Throughout 2013

On the eve of 2013, Google has given a present to its voice service users. The free calling facility to phones within the U.S. and Canada from Gmail has been extended for another year.

Google Voice
A short post on Official Gmail Blog announced the news. The Gmail powered domestic calls within U.S. and Canada will be free throughout 2013. The plug-in for Google Voice that enables voice and video calls from Gmail will be available for free download.

This is not the first time, Google has extended the life time for free domestic calls from Gmail. Limited free domestic calls using Google Voice was first offered when the service was first launched in 2009. The service later expanded to all U.S. states and Canada. Free domestic calls were supposed to retire in 2011, but then extended throughout 2012, and now it is extended once again throughout 2013.

Google has plans to stop free domestic calling once call quality issues and service disruptions are resolved. The service also have to keep in mind the packages and service offered by its competitors. But, until Google fix the issues, users in the U.S. and Canada have a feast.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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