You Are Able To Easily Edit Microsoft Office Files From Gmail

Google has made it easier than before to edit any Microsoft Office Documents within Gmail inbox.


For editing a Microsoft Office Documents from Gmail inbox, you don’t need to save it on desktop. Gmail┬áhas got a new feature which will let you easily edit Microsoft Office files within your inbox as email attachments. Now you will see an “edit” option on an Microsoft Office file attachment. You have to just click on that “edit” option and Gmail will automatically convert that file into the best possible Google format. Then Gmail will save it in Google Drive and it will allow you to edit the file and re-share it within seconds.

This feature is super handy for the people who don’t have Microsoft Office installed as well as it is also very convenient for collaboration as all files will automatically synced to the cloud. In addition, Google has also raised the number of Office file types which will help to make it easier to import the files. They have got 15 Office formats including presentation and doc files. Google has also recommended to use Office Editing Chrome extension to edit the Office files without changing the files type.

Source: Mashable

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