Egypt Military Caught Divers Cutting Undersea Internet Cables

An interesting development in Egypt hints criminal motivations behind severed undersea internet cable connections. Egypt’s coastguard has caught three divers cutting through an undersea internet cable yesterday. The undersea cable in question belongs to the country’s main communication company -Telecom Egypt.


Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali posted about the arrest on his official Facebook page. The diver’s were using a fishing boat in the act, when a patrol stopped near the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and arrested the divers. “The armed forces foiled an attempt and arrested three divers while they were cutting a submarine cable,” Ali said.

This incident raised the suspicions that disruptions in internet service reported by SEACOM last week could be caused be an ill-motivated act. The firm said on Wednesday that it found another cut hours after restoring the first one.

Egypt carries majority traffic between Africa and Europe. The country’s undersea internet infrastructure experienced several severed connections in recent years.

Source: Reuters

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