Enjoy Streaming Media On Google+ Though No API Released By Google, Thanks Goes To Plusbar

For the future, Google know that creating a platform for developers to build on is a necessity for creating stickiness and building user participation in their new social venture Google+. Now a great news come from TNW, that developer Kosso has created Plusbar, a stunning streaming media player for Google+ and this enhancement adds an audio and video player to the top of your stream…………


One sign that Google+ has a bright future ahead of it is that developers are starting to hack together improvements to the service before an official API is available. One such example is Plusbar. This enhancement to Google+ adds an audio and video media player to the top of your stream. At present, it offers Amazing Radio, DFH Radio, Grooveshark, BBC News and TWiT livestream options in a manner so neatly-presented that it looks like it was designed by Google as an integral part of the service. It would be nice to have more options for stations, but seeing as UK-based developer Kosso has pulled this together in a matter of days, it’s damn fine work. If like us, you’re spending a little too much time in Google+ at the moment, having an integrated media player might be just the ticket and t’s a great indication of how Google+ might inspire developers in the future.



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