European Commission’s Digital Policy Backs Anti SOPA Movement

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission, one of the chief persons who are responsible for the Digital Agenda Europe, and the digital economy in European Union made harsh remarks about SOPA/PIPA. A few days ago, Neelie Kroes posted on her Tweeter account her opinion about the controversial bills describing them as “bad legislation.” “Glad tide is turning on #SOPA: don’t need bad legislation when should be safeguarding benefits of open net” said Neelie Kroes.

She also added that a haste vote on this matter is serious and she used a very convincing metaphor to prove her opinion “Speeding is illegal too: but you don’t put speed bumps on the motorway #SOPA.” The European legislation on the matter of online piracy is far ahead the American bills. In Finland and Netherlands for instance, The Pirate Bay has been blocked following a court order. Similar decisions to support site blocking laws have been asked in the UK and Ireland also.

However, Neelie Kroes explains that a more nuanced attitude is needed in order to preserve the Internet’s creative force: “We need to find the right rules, the right model to feed art, and feed artists. We need the legal framework to be flexible. This is my recipe, my commandment, my bumper-sticker to nurture creation. The digital world changes quickly, and if allowed to do so can permit creativity in all stages of the chain. So we shouldn’t prescribe a particular model, but set a framework allowing many new models to flourish.”


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