Firefox Web Browser Will Get A Push Notification System

According to recent information released by Jeff Balogh, a Mozilla developer, the company behind Firefox works on a new push notification system for its latest browser. After the service will be made public, the users will be able to read notifications form their favorite websites without needing to have the websites opened in a tab.

In addition, the new push notification system developed by Mozilla will allow notifications to be pushed on mobile devices. With this new move, the company hopes to give a new boost of performance to its browser and to be more appealing to the users who access Internet from the smartphones or tablets. Mozilla is apparently lining up advantages t hat would allow it to put up a better fight with native applications.

“Push notifications are a way for websites to send small messages to users when the user is not on the site. iOS and Android devices already support their own push notification services, but we want to make notifications available to the whole web,” explains Jeff Balogh in a blogpost meant to depict the functionality of this new plan. Apparently, the system works quite simple. Mozilla or a third party will be able to host a notification service capable of delivering messages to the browser. Some rumors suggest that the notification service will use Google’s Cloud-to-Device messaging, specially designed to work on Android smartphones.

Mozilla is perceiving Google Chrome as a deadly enemy and that’s why they are updating their Firefox browser more often than anybody else. We previously reported the increased JavaScript Execution and improvements for Mac OS Lion.


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