Qwiki Partners With Bing To Bring Its Multimedia Presentations To Bing Search Results

Qwikis are a unique concept, although one which hasn’t yet gained much traction in the online realm. Qwikis, essentially, are multimedia presentations which can be very helpful in grasping concepts. These presentations come with narrations. However, with the fresh move of the company, the concept may find a larger audience on the web.

The new move by Qwiki is to collaborate with Bing and have Qwiki multimedia presentations be a part of Bing’s search results. In fact, not only will these presentations appear in the search results, they can also be directly played right on the search page, without having to navigate elsewhere.

The company has said that for now, the Qwikis will be attached to Wikipedia search results. Microsoft, on the other hand, seems hopeful with this partnership and believes that this may gear Bing towards its philosophy of being “more about doing and less about finding.”

Initially, Qwiki had been lambasted for being a rip-off of Wikipedia. However, back then, the founder Doug Imbruce had claimed that this was not the case and that Qwiki aimed to present information in a far more interactive and fun way. It seems that Imbruce has now been able to convince the world of his vision.

The company is doing great on the finances front too. It has been able to raise a solid $10.5 million from notable investors such as Facebook’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin and Lightbank.

Source: Bing

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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