Flickr Introduces Speedier HTML5-Based Uploader

HTML5 has been gaining traction all around the web, with its speedier and more efficient solutions. The photo-sharing website, Flickr, has now introduced an all new HTML5-based uploader for the users. The uploader, as claimed by Flickr, is speedier, allows for uploading larger files and lets the users perform different functions on the images.

The process of uploading images has also become all the more easier with this new HTML5 uploader. You can simply drag and drop videos as well as images into the browser and you are presented with preview thumbnails of these images. You can tweak these images in a lot of ways. For instance, you can crop the images, manage their order or simply rotate them before they are included into your Photostream.

Interestingly, Flickr is also promising significant improvements in the speeds of image uploading. The website has stated that for US users, the HTML5 uploader will allow for 20 to 30 percent faster uploads while for international users, the upload speed will be faster by 50 to 60 percent! At the same time, the cap on the maximum size of the images has also been raised.

With the HTML5 uploader, you can upload a file sized up to 30 MB from free accounts while for premium accounts, the cap has been further raised to 50 MB! This essentially means that you can upload all those high-definition, heavy images with all their beauty unperturbed and present them to your online audience.

For now, users tooling Chrome 6, Safari 5, Firefox 8 or more recent versions will be able to use this new upload, though the company promises to make this feature available to all the users pretty soon.

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