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[Review] 3 Top Websites For Sharing Photos

Nowadays, photos have become an important part of our regular life, and we take thousands of photos ever year. The question is: how to share your photos with like-minded fellows? In this post we have accumulated information about three top photo sharing websites that cater to your needs.

Yahoo And Flickr Face Temporary Outage

Yahoo is not often a leading headline in the tech industry but when it is, it's not usually for good reasons. Recently, the company reportedly faced a temporary outage of its services including Yahoo Mail and Flickr. The services are up and available again now.

Flickr Dishes Out A Secret ‘We’re Hiring’ Ad

If a company hid an ad for a job opening in the source code of a web page, how many people would possibly stumble across it? Our guess is, only the software and computer engineers who regularly go through the source codes will be able to discern it. Flickr has now dished out a clever ad, based on the very assumption.

Flickr Helps Scientists Discover New Species Of Insect

Popular photo-sharing site Flickr has been one of the top photo storage and sharing sites for years now. But, helping a science discovery was unprecedented. According to a paper published in the journal ZooKeys, researchers have identified a previously unknown insect from a series of photos posted on Flickr.
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