GetResponse: An Effective Email Marketing Tool For Businesses And Brands

Despite the recent foray into countless new ways and app to digitally communicate, email remains one of the most popular online tools. GetResponse is an excellent tool which lets you make the most of it.


This essentially means that for new startups as well as established companies, email marketing can be a very useful in bolstering their user growth. GetResponse is one of the best email marketing services available today which comes with a whole pack of features to get you on the way.

A number of notable and leading brands use GetResponse to ensure that their customers stay informed of all the latest updates. Not only that, email marketing is also used to entice more people to start following a company. This becomes possible with the brilliant responsive design that is the hallmark of emails sent using GetResponse. Responsive email design means that your email truly stands out among the countless similar-looking emails in the inbox, which in turn piques the readers’ interest. If you are trying to sell a product or pitch a service, for instance, such a stand-out look of your email will certainly sweeten the deal for the potential customers.

To enable you to create the best possible emails, GetResponse offers the ‘Email Creator’ tool. This tool is essentially a drag-and-drop editor which lets you create a fully customized email template. In other words, you get to have countless templates and can play around with colors, fonts, photos and the overall outlook of the email. The key to success through email marketing is interesting content and extraordinary interface.

Whether you are a retail company who wants its customers to stay update about the latest offers, or simply a non-profit who is seeking to send out weekly or monthly newsletters to its members, GetResponse is the perfect solution. To determine how effective your newsletters and emails are, you can check out their AB testing feature.

GetResponse Email Intelligence

This feature lets you individually analyze different elements of an email, including field, subject line and timing of an email. By analyzing all these different aspects, you are able to optimize your email marketing so that you send out the email at the best possible time with the catchiest subject line and a content which hooks the customers for sure.

But sending out the email is half the work. Keeping track of the impact of this email and improving things in light of the feedback is the very significant second-half of professional email marketing. Analytics are critical to this arena because they help you keep a close eye on the performance of those newsletters and email you send. If you are pitching a new product to your customers, for example, GetResponse Email Intelligence allows you to keep real-time track of the number of clicks that your email generates for the product URL. On the dashboard of ‘Email Intelligence’ you can view hour-by-hour performance of your email marketing efforts.

Email may no longer make a lot of headlines these days, but it continues to be one of the most popular and widely-used tools today. Which is why effective email marketing is one of the most successful ways of grabbing attention, bolstering the user base and notching up your sales. And GetResponse lets you achieve each of these divergent goals with perfect ease and affordability.

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