Google Accounts For 25% Of North American Internet Traffic

Google is considered the undisputed champion of the web. The company has a huge online presence, offering a multitude of wildly popular products and maintaining the search engine as the backbone of this strength. It has now been revealed that Google accounts for a whopping 25% of all the internet traffic generated from North America.

Google traffic

Until now, it has been well understood that Google has a huge online footprint. But no one had imagined that the company would account for 1/4th of all internet traffic coming from the North American region. The increased dominance of the search giant may have happened in recent months with the rapid growth of the Android ecosystem, which comes embedded with numerous Google services.

The latest set of data was released by Deepfield, which is an internet monitoring company. According to the founder of the company, Craig Labovitz, “What’s really interesting is, over just the past year, how pervasive Google has become, not just in Google data centers, but throughout the North American internet.”

The data divulges even more interesting facts. For instance, according to the findings of Deepfield, more than 62% of all smartphones, laptops and other devices that connect to the internet from North America, use Google at least once a day. This shows the sheer influence of the search giant, transcending beyond the bounds of mobile computing.

A major portion of the traffic that Google accounts for comes from YouTube, which is the most popular video-sharing portal online. While these numbers affirm the undisputed dominance of Google on the web, they may not be very accurate. These estimates, at best, are just estimates since it is hard to gauge the exact figures about an undefined and rather, boundless web.

Source: Deepfield

Courtesy: Wired

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