Google Introduces e-Commerce Search Tool


With increasing global demands on commercialized searches, Google laid out the first step towards commercialization of market for Internet traders. It initiated an opportunity for worldwide traders to switch on better online retail services. Google retail experiences will empower the online retailers & enterprises.

Best thing is that, the holiday season is just around the corner. So its time to gear up the best online retail services to increase more & more traffic. e-commerce search will embark the new milestone in the retailing & online shopping services. Going online to shop the right product, is just a click far behind. Finding a right & reliable product is becoming a big deal these days. Google e-commerce search will be better search options among the all possibilities.


It is fast & completely reliable with intuitive Google search technology.
It enables visitors to find the right products faster.
It filter results by all important scales & increases website sales.
It boosts the choosing & searching options for required products.
It gives the best solutions in competitive market * with customized options.

“With Google Commerce Search, customers more easily find the specific products they’re looking for, and we’ve seen dramatic conversion improvement since implementation.”- Jeff Kilmer, COO, Birkenstock USA

Sources: Google Official Blog

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