Google Is Working On QUIC, A Web Protocol Meant To Replace UDP

Google is essentially a web-based company. Nearly the entire plethora of services it offers require you to be browsing the web in one way or the other. So it is understandable that the search giant has been vying to find speedier web protocols. Francois Beaufort has now revealed that the company is currently working on a UDP-replacement, QUIC.


QUIC, as the name so obviously suggests, is meant to allow the users to access web services and resources in a faster and secure manner. The predominant feature found in the code of QUIC is that it comes with support for encryption. You can view the entire code for this new protocol by clicking here.

Google is essentially positioning it to replace the currently prevalent transport protocol for web services, UDP. However, so far, the company has been very secretive about it and hasn’t publicly announced anything to that end. Moreover, although you can enable QUIC on your Chrome by using -enable-quic switch, there are no QUIC servers that are publicly known. So even if you try to run the protocol, you can’t test it out.

It remains to be seen whether Google even plans to bring this new protocol into the public domain or decides to simply test it out on its own.

Source: Francois Beaufort

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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