Google Launches Beta Of Real-Time API For Analytics

Google’s Analytics service has been immensely popular among developers for a long while now. The search giant has now dished out the beta of a real-time API for the Analytics service, which will essentially let developers keep a close eye on the data from Analytics.

Google Analytics API

The beta will initially be invite-only, although Google may eventually roll out to all the users. The new API for the Analytics will be immensely helpful for the developers because although Analytics in itself is really useful, developers can’t take a lot of actions based on the data they get through the service.

The real-time API lets the developers keep track of the things as they happen, based on the data from the Analytics. By using Analytics alone, Google has admitted, “it’s not realistic to sit at your computer 24/7 and take advantage of these insights.”

To be able to use the API, developers have to request access to it. Once the request is approved, they will then be able to access it. Google says, access to the API will enable you to ‘make queries about your real-time data and use that information in whatever way you please.’

This virtually opens up infinite possibilities for developers. You can, for instance, use the real-time data from the Analytics to show the exact number of visitors arriving at a given web space. Such bulk of useful data will also help the developers significantly improve the web experience that they offer to the visitors. You can request access to the API here.

Source: Google Analytics
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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