Google Launches Zagat Guide, Covering Restaurants In Nine Cities

Back in 2011, Google surprised many when it purchased the restaurant guide, Zagat. However, it would now appear that the search giant was revamping the guide, incorporating Maps and other services within in. And now, Google has launched a Zagat guide of its own, initially covering restaurants in nine cities only.

Zagat Guide

The nine cities that are included in the guide are New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. The limited coverage suggests that Google is trying to gauge the feedback of the users before offering coverage for more locations in the guide.

The new look of the Zagat guide makes it more compatible with social media networks in that users can now easily share content from within the guide to their friends online. Moreover, the interface of the guide is very clean and photo-centric, which makes it visually appealing.

At the right hand column of the guide are trending topics which would let you find out popular restaurants and foods in a given location. Thankfully, the guide no longer requires you to pay any fees or log in with any credentials. With Google in charge, the guide is absolutely free and comes packed with Google Maps, which show the exact location of different restaurants, helping you discover them without any hassles. Google eventually has plans of rolling out the guide for 50 locations in all.

Courtesy: Biz Journals

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