Google Maps Get A New Look

A few days ago, we reported that Google may be coming up with a major visual and navigational revamp for Google Maps. As it turns out, the search giant did reveal an all new look of Maps at its I/O event. The new look gives more screen space to the Maps and presents information in a far more useful manner.

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The primary emphasis of the new look is on the visuals. You don’t get to have information displayed in a column to the left – rather, the entire screen is covered with the map and a slim search bar appears to the top left. At the bottom, you are able to see thumbnail views of different locations.

Moreover, if you are looking for a specific set of locations, say a restaurant, the search yields results in the form of pins on the map. When you click on any of the pins, info cards appear which provide you the details of that particular location and help you plan your journey to the place.

To get a clearer view of any of the locations, you can tap Street View and get an excellent view of the venue you are planning to go to. You can even see the inside of different buildings, depending upon whether the data is available with Google.

One of the key features that Google has added to Maps is that you get to see different routes for different travel modes. For instance, if you are on foot, the map will show you the best route from one point to another; the same map will also provide you the best route if you are making the journey on a car or a bike. In this way, it helps you suit your travel according to the means of transportation available.

For now, the new look is not available to the users. However, you can request an invite here.

Source: Google

Courtesy: Mashable

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