Google Readies Parental Controls For Chrome Browser

Parental controls on web browsers have been one of the key concerns of parents who want to have their kids get a protected internet experience. To this end, Google is readying parental controls which will be part of the upcoming Chrome browser release.

Chrome parental controls

The new feature that is expected to arrive soon on Chrome browser will essentially allow the creation of multiple Chrome accounts on the same browser. These accounts need not necessarily be connected to any Google account in turn.

For instance, if a parent wishes to let a kid use computer, he or she can create a specific Chrome user and tweak its settings so that the kid is not able to access inappropriate content. By creating multiple accounts on the same machine, parents can then keep an eye on what their kids can access.

In creating profiles, Chrome will let you use many of the cute, little icons which will be displayed at the top left corner of the browser windows. For instance, if you assign a Pikachu icon to the browser profile of your kid, the icon will be displayed on the browser when he surfs the internet.

The best part is that the feature is incredibly easy to use. Once you create a new user account, it automatically generates a desktop icon. Now, all the user need to do is click that desktop icon and the Chrome browser with his version of settings will open up instantly.

Courtesy: The Verge

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