Google Takeout: Take Your Google Data Out & Safe

Google seems decided a way earlier that they will make this quarter change remarkable. With the increase discussion of data liberation google has released Google Takeout. Now you could store your Google Data locally.

After seeing Google+ rolled out as beta, Google seems very busy in releasing new things. Now they released Google Takeout, it will make anybody possible to download all Google Data.

Service Covered By Google Takeout are
# Buzz
# Contacts & Circles
# Picasa web Albums
# Profile
# Stream

As we all know data portability is a big issue between Google and Facebook. But Google is winning right now with Takeout. Facebook also allows you to download a zip file of your status, photos, friend lists, messages, and wall posts, but it is not in a format third party sites can use. So it’s not entirely free. Not that 99 percent of people would ever even want to do any of this. But it’s like the Data Liberation folks say you might feel more comfortable about putting it in.

Check the video

google takeout

So are you also concern about data portability? Will you download any of those data locally?

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