Google To Face Antitrust Probe In Europe

The European Commission will be launching an antitrust investigation against Google to look into its possible anticompetitive behavior after three European firm filed complaints against it. The news was reported in Google’s blog yesterday. The three firms are a U.K. price comparison site called Foundem, a French legal search engine called, and a German search site called Ciao that was recently acquired by Microsoft.

“While we will be providing feedback and additional information on these complaints, we are confident that our business operates in the interests of users and partners, as well as in line with European competition law,” Google said in its blog.
The Commission, which is the EU’s top antitrust regulator, often conducts a preliminary investigation when it receives complaints about potentially anticompetitive behavior. It typically studies the market in question, interviews companies involved and then decides whether to launch a full investigation. Google appears to be the target of such a preliminary probe.
To read Google entire statement, read the blog post.

Source: PC World.

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