Google Unveils uProxy, An Anti-Censorship Browser Extension

State-sponsored internet censorship is currently practiced in many countries around the world. Google has now unveiled an excellent new service, called uProxy, that may be able to put an end to such censorship.

Open internet

uProxy is essentially a browser extension that works with both Firefox and Chrome. It can easily bypass such firewalls which may restrict a user’s access to internet in any way. This is done by creating a peer-to-peer network so that a given user, facing censorship, is able to access the restricted content through another peer’s open connection.

This idea is fairly revolutionary and can become an excellent tool for human rights activists around the globe as well the common users. Restricting access to internet is a violation of basic rights, as is affirmed by a United Nations Report. Still, governments such as China, India and Pakistan actively control this access.

uProxy has been created by the University of Washington and Brave New Software. It is still in its beta and is currently open to developers who can weed out any problems and errors in it. You can sign up for the service if you think that with some background in programming or development, you can be of help.

Source: Google

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