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Google Updated Google Drive, Simply Awesome

A little more than two years have passed since Google Drive launched. At present, more than 190 million people are actively using the Google Drive to safely store and access their files on their phones, tablets, and computers. Such growth has inspired Google to offer more affordable storage plans and lately, Google has updated its Drive.

Google Drive

The new Google Drive is the same Google Drive you know and love. The only difference is it’s “faster” than the earlier and works more like you’re using it on your computer. You can:

  • Create, add, or upload a file with a single button.
  • Find and add files shared with you more easily.
  • Single-click a file to select it and double-click a file to open it.
  • Drag-and-drop files and folders just like you do on your desktop.
  • Improved accessibility.

Lets have a short glimpse on the features of the updated Google Drive. From now on, users will notice a single button called New at the top left.

New Button On Google Drive

By clicking the New button, users will be able to add something to Drive or create something in Google docs, Sheets , Slides, or any other Drive-compatible apps.

Create Something In New Google Drive

User will also notice that Drive has become faster and a single click lest them see files details and recent activity. To open, users have to double click the item.

Single Click For Watching Details And Recent Activity

After adding more and more files to Drive, users can easily organize and share if they want. They can use the same command they use on their computer to select multiple files and then use the menu or right click to take group actions. They also can simply click and drag to move the files and folders all at once.

Moving Multiple Files By Simply Click

In the mobile app, users will see a list of items in their Drive and they can change views to see thumbnail previews of their files. In the mobile screen, it’s easy to search for files or add something like photos, videos from their device to the Drive.

Easy Search On New Drive In Mobile

On Android, users will be able to add other files like music and downloads.

Add Other Files In Android

There are many ways that Google has tried to make its Drive faster and easier to use. From now on, users will be able to enable offline access or print a file directly from the app. Besides, the new Drive includes improved keyboard accessibility, support for zooming and high contrast mode, and better compatibility with screen readers. See the video below.

If users run into trouble with any of the new features, they can go to the Help Center or reach out Google Drive’s support team.

Source: Google Drive (Blog)

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