Google’s New Apps “Chrome Web Store”

Google has just announced the Chrome Web Store, an open marketplace for web applications, at Google I/O. It’s like the Android App Market but for apps on the web.

Like the App Market, developers will be able to sell their apps through the store via Google’s secure payment system.

Google is effectively bringing the mobile app store model right onto the web, which could be huge news for app developers, publishers and others who have been looking to this model to generate revenue in addition to the traditional method of advertising support.

The Chrome Web Store will reportedly be supported on all major platforms, including Windows,Mac and Linux (as well as, of course, Chrome OS.It will support both free and paid apps.Google also notes that thanks to the standards support baked in to the store, apps written for the Chrome Web Store should additionally work on other modern web browsers.

The Chrome Web Store will be available to end users later this year, with developer support ramping up now in order to ensure a well-stocked store at launch.

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