Grenada Makes Posting Offending Comments Online Illegal

A bill has been passed in Grenada on Friday that makes insulting someone online a crime. And such crimes will be addressed by the court.


The measure was part of an electronic crimes bill the Caribbean island passed on Friday. Under this measure, offending a person or speaking ill of a company online would be regarded as a crime. The offended party can “take that evidence of the posting and use it as evidence in the court,” said Legal Affairs Minister Elvin Nimrod. “We have to put structures in place to ensure that persons and, in some cases, companies and characters are not tarnished.”

According to the legislature, complaints of offensive comments against a person or a company would be filed with police first. Then the case will be placed to a judge, who will then decide if the message was offensive.

If anyone is found guilty of such charges then the party can be fined up to $37,000 or sentenced three years in jail.

Seems the Grenadian court is going have a stock pile of cases to solve pretty soon.

Thanks to: CNET

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