Skype Introduces Free Wi-Fi On 60 Airports

Holiday season comes with special and awesome deals by nearly every company. Here’s the deal from Skype: If you are travelling through the holidays, Skype will help you stay connected on the go. You can enjoy free wi-fi on 60 airports. Skype already has nearly one millions wi-fi hotspots around the world.

The offer is valid from December 21 to December 27th. If you are on any of the airports included in the list, you can use internet for free and have free voice-calls and video-chats with your loved ones. To utilize this exclusive offer by Skype, you must own a PC, Mac or an iPhone on which to use the free wi-fi service.

Skype already has about one millin wi-fi hotspots around the globe. At these wi-fi hotspots, you don’t even need to purchase credit from some local service provider. You can simply pay for the wi-fi charges through your skype credit which is much more easier, convenient and faster.

To use Skype wi-fi is pretty easy. You simply have to sign in to skype on your computer and go to tools> options> Skye wi-fi access. Here check ‘enable skype wifi access. Now, once you are in a Skype wifi hotspot, simply go to Tools> Skype Wifi Access. You will be prompted as to how to connect to the network.

For the complete list of 60 airports where this latest offer by Skype is valid, please visit this link.
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