Hackers Think Of Taking Internet Into The Space

SOPA has been making a lot of noise and headlines. While we have to wait the verdict from a Congress who’s members define internet as ‘tubes’ and ‘Internets’, the online community continues it’s severe criticism of the bill. The bill aims for internet censorship which, most argue, will eliminate the freedom of speech that online realm provides. The hackers have decided to present their own solution: let’s launch satellites and use internet through them so that no one could control internet. Seems like an interesting idea.

This new notion has been coined by hacktivist, Nick Farr, who says, “Let’s take the Internet out of the control of terrestrial entities.’ Farr believes that by launching an independent satellite, by the hackers, it will be ensured that internet is no longer uncensorable. He calls it ‘uncensorable Internet in space.’

According to him, the SOPA bill threatens the open information and communication model that hackers hold so dear. And that if the bill is passed, it will let governments and companies occupy this open space and control it, thus ending internet freedom.

However, the problem with this idea is that if only one satellite is launched for the freedom of internet, it won’t be effective. It will rotate around the world and the internet access through such a satellite will be intermittent and not constant. Furthermore, the problem of internet freedom may still stay unresolved if the governments on Earth decide to launch policies to block any specific internet content. The satellite may not solve such an issue.

But we can assume that the large hacktivist community, which has pretty much thwarted the top security measures of the best security machines in the world, can overcome any measures taken by ‘earthly’ governments to block internet or the proposed satellite’s transmission. Needless to state that if such a satellite is launched, it will definitely be a revolution in the world of internet communication.

Image courtesy NSA Goddard Photo

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