IE Browser Market Share Declines To Below Ten Percentage

For long, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer enjoyed the leading position in the browser market, being among the oldest in the arena. But with the new and stuff competition, IE has been losing market share. Now, the browser has declined to single-digit market share.

Internet Explorer

A single-digit market share is truly a new low for IE. Back in its heyday in 2002 when there was no Chrome or Firefox and Microsoft enjoyed somewhat of a dominance in the tech and computing world, IE held a whopping 86% of the browser market share.

However, the company was too slow in adapting to the changing needs of the world of online browsers. Users needed security, speed and better looks from their browsers. So Mozilla and Chrome, and in a smaller way Safari, have come to provide them these features while IE hasn’t improved very significantly ever since. Today, IE’s market share has dipped below 9%.

Yes, the security of IE has been improved significantly in recent times but it is still a heavy-duty browser when compared to the likes of Google Chrome. So it is understandable that IE’s share has decline so rapidly in the last decade or so.

Eventually, Microsoft will either have to come up with an unexpected and revolutionary improvement of the browser, or it will be doomed to go into the ground within the next two years or so.

Source: W3schools

Courtesy: Slashdot

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