Take A Trip Inside HMS Ocelot Submarine Via Google Street View!

HMS Ocelot was one of the thirteen Oberon-class submarines and the last submarine built for the Royal Navy between 1959 and 1964. However, now you can take an entire tour inside HMS Ocelot via Google Street View.

HMS Ocelot

The decommissioned HMS Ocelot, located at Chatham Dockyard, is the very first submarine featured on Street View. You can see a very close view of the submarine from all angles via Street View. However, this submarine had low noise. So it was mainly used for continuous submerged patrols performing surveillance and intelligence gathering missions. It was able to move at up to 17 knots (20 mph) under water. This submarine was sold in 1992 and since then, it is preserved as a fully tourable museum in Chatham Historic Dockyard.

If you search for HMS Ocelot in Google Maps Street View, you can take a tour of the baffling control room of the 50-year old Oberon-class submarine. Through narrow corridors, you will be able to see captain’s quarters and six torpedo tubes. You will also see the dockyard and surrounding area where the submarine was launched in May 1962. Here are some images of HMS Ocelot via Google Street View.

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Captain's Cabin On HMS Ocelot
Sonar Room On HMS Ocelot
Control Room Of HMS Ocelot
Control Room On HMS Ocelot
Steering Section Of HMS Ocelot

Source: Google Maps (HMS Ocelot)
Thanks To: The Dockyard

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