Use To Wipe Out Your Online Existence

In today’s digital age, nearly every internet user has accounts on multiple websites and networks. Very often, it can get difficult to keep track of them all, and you may want to either limit your online presence or end it altogether. To that end, is an excellent service.


Many internet users often want to get a break from all the time they waste on social networks online. However, even when they wish to get off the world of web, they can’t because their online identity is spread all over the internet, in the form of many different accounts. is very useful because it finds out all the user accounts related to you and then lets you know exactly how difficult it would be to get rid of each of them. For instance, the likes of wouldn’t let you remove your user account very easily. Other sites, on the other hand, such as Twitter, let you deactivate or remove your account instantly. aggregates information about all of your online accounts at one place and then ranks each of them from ‘easy’ to ‘impossible’ denoting how difficult it would be to remove your account from a specific site. The website is certainly a very useful tool for even such users who would, at any time, want to deactivate all their online accounts for any reason whatsoever.

Source: JustDelete

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