London’s Iconic Black Cabs Are About To Go Wi-Fi Covered

Not happy with the internet landscape of your city? Then, London could be your dream city. The city is about to transform into a giant Wi-Fi hotspot, just like its mayor promised. The city already offers free Wi-Fi zones around its landscape. The city’s vintage telephone booths are Wi-Fi covered; the river banks of Thames are Wi-Fi covered; even its underground is Wi-Fi covered. Now, comes the term of London’s iconic minicabs.


A plan has been approved to turn London’s minicabs into moving Wi-Fi hotspots. A company named Eyetease has got the go ahead signal to complete the task. The company will equip cabs with antennas routers that can switch from 3G and 4G networks to let the passengers stay connected. Passengers will be able to use free Wi-Fi for 15 minutes in exchange of watching 15 seconds of commercial. The CabWiFi service will provide special driver accounts with unlimited and commercial free service.

Source: Engadget

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