Lycos Plans A Comeback With A New Search Engine In 2013

Google is the most used search engine these days but a few years back, the search engine market had many contenders. These included the likes of Alta Vista and Lycos. Lycos, despite having lost its glory, has survived over the years and is planning a comeback with a new search engine.


In 2010, Lycos was acquired by an Indian digital marketing firm, Ybrant Digital. Evidently, Ybrant Digital intends to reinvigorate the foregone glory of Lycos and launch it yet again into the foray of online search.

Lycos’ CEO, Rob Balazy, recently divulged that his company intends to launch a new search engine in 2013. This search engine would enable the users to access the content straight on the home page without having to click off into other pages.

The new search engine will not be powered up by other vendors, as is the case with the current Lycos search engine which is provided with the help of a deal with Yahoo.

According to Balazy, “In the coming year you will see us introduce a new proprietary search product. I don’t want to say too much about it as it’s still in the planning stage but we have a vision to merge the notion of a search-type activity with a curated content experience.”

However, the company does not intend to take over the search giant, Google, with its new product. Balazy admitS as much and says, “I don’t think that we aspire to take on Google. Google’s big push has been to index the entire Web and be the definitive ‘Library of Congress for the Web’. We’ll focus more on the head terms, the search queries that are important and matter to people and really focus on the presentation layer, making the user experience really intuitive, really beautiful and take the same data-driving approach we’re doing with our homepage.”

From what Balazy states, we can expect that the new Lycos search engine would be packed with great looks and its interface may set it apart. Yet, the big question is, would that suffice to make Lycos a major player in the online search arena again?

Source: TNW

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