Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Mugs, Hats And T-Shirts

It is no secret that Google and Microsoft don’t exactly get along well. In recent months, Microsoft has notched up the rivalry by launching an anti-Google campaign. As part of this campaign, the Redmond-based company has now unveiled a wide range of anti-Google hats, mugs, t-shirts and hoodies at its online store.

Microsoft Scroogle

Microsoft apparently hopes to woo Google users away from the company and towards Windows products, but that barely seems like a realistic expectation. While Google has been lambasted in the recent past for being not so good on Gmail privacy as it had claimed, the search giant still fares better than most in the tech arena.

Other companies have not only handed over data to intelligence agencies but some have even volunteered to help the likes of NSA. Google, on the other hand, has pioneered the tradition of launching transparency reports every now and then, telling the users who is seeking what information from Google’s data centers.

In view of this, it is a tad bit surprising that Microsoft’s anti-Google campaign hinges upon the point of privacy. The new anti-Google shirts and mugs made available on Microsoft’s online store read, “Keep Calm while we steal your data’ together with a Chrome logo.¬†You can get a mug saying that for a mere $7.99, although the decision depends more on your stance towards Google than the price.”

Reports have it that this entire anti-Google campaign by Microsoft is the work of Mark Penn, a notable Democrat who has worked on the presidential campaigns of both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in the past.

Source: Microsoft
Courtesy: The Verge

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  1. Tsais

    Hey Mark Penn, you’re a politician, might as well shut it.

    Google may be bad, but Microcruft is most certainly worse.

    Switch to Linux, boycott all 3 greed mongers Microcruft, Crapple and Greedle!

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