Microsoft Launches Consumer Awareness Campaign Regarding Online Privacy

With the rise of social networks in the past few years, online privacy has become a chief concern among internet users. To inform users about online privacy and help them learn about different tools to ensure it, Microsoft has launched a consumer awareness campaign.

Online privacy

The problem with online privacy is that most users don’t even know how far and wide they share their content. When their content is later picked up by other users, they realize that the privacy settings of their account aren’t good enough.

That is precisely why Microsoft has provided an online quiz titled ‘Your Privacy Type’ which lets you fill in the answers to different questions. Once you provide the answers, it gives you a title based on the security of your privacy settings. As part of the campaign, Microsoft has also released a number of TV ads, one of which is posted below.

Along side the campaign, Microsoft is also pushing the users to switch to Internet Explorer 10. The company claims that IE10 is among the most secure browsers right now and that it comes with features like ‘InPrivate Browsing’ and ‘Tracking Protection’ which let the users maintain their privacy when using different websites.

The campaign also highlights that while using Windows 8, users are given a whole range of privacy options when using different apps. Although Microsoft may have an ulterior motive of attracting users to IE10 and Windows 8 through this campaign, it is still a great initiative given the imminent need for privacy-related awareness among general users.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: Slashgear

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