Microsoft Will Not Turn On “Do Not Track” As Default On IE 10

Last week, Microsoft has announced that IE 10 will have “Do Not Track” (DNT) by default. Recently, the company has changed the decision about the DNT, from now users must choose to turn on the anti-behavioral tracking system in their browsers and software. If a user do not turn on the DNT, that means the user is allowing to track online behavior. The tech and ad companies has created a pressure on Microsoft for this issue. They has proposed to Microsoft that just ignore “Do Not Track” by default, user will take decision.

Microsoft Changed Decision About DNT, Image Credit: TTJ

“Do Not Track” does not stop to block cookies, it is just a browser settings which can send a message to all website, you offer not to be tracked. Jonathan Mayer, a privacy researcher, said “As you review the draft, please recognize that it is a compromise proposal.” He also added “The document is not a retread of well-worn positions; it reflects extraordinarily painful cuts for privacy-leaning stakeholders, including complete concessions on two of the three central issues. Some participants have already indicated that they believe the proposal goes too far and are unwilling to support it.”

Source: Wired

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