Millennials Are Generally Concerned About Their Online Privacy, Survey Reveals

Online privacy has emerged as one of the key issues due to the recent explosion of social media. A recent survey, conducted on internet users aged between 18 and 34 (also called the millennials) , suggests that these users are fairly conscious about their online privacy, but may compromise some of it to get financial or other perks.


According to the findings of the survey, 70 percent millennials are not uncomfortable with sharing their data online whereas 56 percent users may share some bits of their personal data if they are offered perks such as coupons or deals in return.

Another 51 percent millenials say that they would consider sharing their data if they are offered anything of value in return. In other words, the generation wants to reach out to companies which value data, and negotiate a good enough deal with them before giving up their data.

Moreover, the millennials seem open to the option of receiving targeted ads. One in four millennials is ready to submit some personal data so that he can receive these ads, rather than having to put up with general ads.

In contrast, 77 percent non-millennial users are uncomfortable in sharing their data online. In other words, millennials are more open to the option of sharing their data online, compared to internet users hailing from other age groups.

These statistics indicate that the millennials are quite cognizant of the way online privacy works and are also aware of the way they can tweak their privacy settings to reveal only as much of their data as they want.

Source: Annenberg

Courtesy: IT World

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