Millions Unable To Access iCloud As The Service Goes Down

Apple’s iCloud service has emerged as a major player in the cloud storage arena. The service is used by a huge portion of iOS users and recently, Apple claimed that the total iCloud population exceeds 300 million now. On Thursday at nearly 4 a.m. PT, the iCloud service became unavailable to millions of users.

Apple iCloud outage

The outage didn’t turn out to be a fluke and continued for many hours. With the iCloud outage, many other Apple services also became unavailable to many users. These services include iMessage, Photo Stream, iPhoto Journals and others.

Apple’s own webpage detailing the status of its different services, has stated that only 1 percent of the iCloud users were affected by the outage. Given that iCloud already has more than 300 million users, Apple’s calculation essentially means that more or less 3 million users were affected by the hours-long outage.

It remains to be seen what exactly caused the outage. While the outage of many other services in recent past hinted an attack by hackers, the iCloud outage seems more of a technical issue at Apple’s end. Let’s hope that Apple divulges the exact detail of the outage later.

Source: Apple

Courtesy: CNET

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