Mozilla’s Australis Lands In Firefox Nightly, Promises User Interface Improvements

The Mozilla team has been hard at work in improving the user interface of the Firefox browser. Called ‘Australis‘, Mozilla has been calling it the ‘most carefully designed browser interface on the planet.’ Australis has now finally landed on the Firefox Nightly channel.

Mozilla Australis

Mozilla has indeed gone to great pains when overhauling the user interface in Australis. The company has tried to trim down all the clutter, both textual and otherwise visual, and provide the users with a neat browser space.

Not only that, tinkering with the add-ons is far more fun and easy on Australis. Mozilla promises that the update would essentially allow Firefox users to better customize their browser and to quickly tweak its themes and looks, depending on their own likes.

A new feature of Australis is that it displays the downloaded file as a tiny bar to the top right corner of the browser, letting you keep real-time tabs on the progress of download without having to switch to a download window again and again. Other browser settings have also been bundled into neat categories and included under the regular button which now shows these settings in a more visual manner.

Australis is expected to arrive some time during next year. If you can’t wait that long and want to try your hands at the cool new Firefox interface offered by Australis, you can go over to the Firefox Nightly channel and download it right away. The good thing about it is that you can download Firefox Nightly along with your regular Firefox browser.

Source: Firefox Nightly

Courtesy: TNW

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