YouTube Reaches 4 Billion Daily Video Views

YouTube has been one of the most extra-ordinarily successful online ventures of recent times. It has been thriving and prospering ever since it’s inception and has been expanding into newer realms, touching new heights. A latest insight on YouTube reveals that the website has reaches 4 billion daily video views per day! This means that 4 billion videos are streamed every day through YouTube which is a total increase of 25 percent over the past eight months.

This is huge number for the video website, which was acquired by Google back in 2006 for $1.65 billion. Ever since then, Google has pushed YouTube forth as a major venture, capitalizing hugely on it’s potential. Back in May, 2011 about 48 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. This has increased to 60 hours of video uploaded every minute now.

One of the major reason in the increased surge in net views of YouTube videos is the face that YouTube is available in such version which can stream seamlessly on smartphones, televisions and tablets. Millions of smartphones and tablets are being shipped annually now and this holds a huge potential revenue for Google.

Google’s graphical display ads alone are generating about $5 billion per annum in revenue. These ads are run alongside YouTube videos. This, too, is expected to rise as the total video views increase dramatically by every passing day.

YouTube has already expressed the orientation of it’s future plans which necessarily involves streaming content directly from content producers and artists. For this reason, the new YouTube interface is touting the ‘channels’ as it’s major strength, advertising it well on the home page. YouTube has already signed deals with many artists and major content producers and surely, with billions of users reaching out to the video website, YouTube will soon lead the video way online.



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