New Firefox 7 & Better Smooth Browsing Experience

Mozilla Released Firefox 7 Yesterday. This version have better memory management and few new feature and support. So it use less RAM and gives better browsing experience. Check the change details, Direct Download Link for Mac, Windows & Linux below.

Firefox 7
Now after Mozilla decided to faster there dev cycle they are updating Browser version pretty fast. Due to their rapid release schedule after releasing Firefox 4. They have released Firefox 7 just less than six weeks after the release of Firefox 6. Most user now having trouble understanding Firefox version number and present latest version. But good thing is this version Firefox 7 comes with better Memory management, and gives better performance.

Here is what Mozilla Says about whats new


  • Drastically improved memory handling for certain use cases
  • Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
  • Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
  • The ‘http://’ URL prefix is now hidden by default
  • Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
  • Added support for the Web Timing specification
  • Enhanced support for MathML
  • The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8
  • Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox
  • Fixed several stability issues
  • Fixed several security issues


About Memory Handling:

Firefox developer Nicholas Nethercote details the memory improvements. He says the benefits will be most noticeable for users that:

  • Keep Firefox open for a long time
  • Have many tabs open at once
  • Use Firefox for Windows
  • View pages with lots of text
  • Use Firefox while also using other memory-intensive programs

Mozilla engineers started an effort called MemShrink, the aim of which is to improve Firefox’s speed and stability by reducing its memory usage. There been a lot going into the browser scene, this time Mozilla claims the new version will use 30-50% less RAM, and will better for heavy internet user. Check the release note



More New Stuff:

# New tools in Firefox make it easier for developers to build snappy Web experiences for users. A new version of hardware-accelerated Canvas speeds up HTML5 animations and games in Firefox. This allows developers to build more compelling and interactive Web experiences like Angry Birds or Runfield.

# Firefox now supports the W3C navigation timing spec API so developers can measure page load time and website navigation against bandwidth speed, website traffic and other factors. This API allows developers to test user experiences remotely and easily and quickly optimize websites and Web apps for different types of users.

# To help improve future versions of Firefox, users can opt in to Telemetry. Telemetry is a tool built on Mozilla Privacy Principles that allows users to provide anonymous browser performance data in a private and secure way that they control.

Download Firefox 7:

English – Windows | Mac | Linux | All Other Language


In a post LifeHacker describe how opera is still better for faster browsing and Mashable  how Google Chrome Beats Firefox in sense of Ram usage.

But people likes Firefox because of its usability, millions of addons and a lot of other feature that any other browser will have real hard time beating. What do you think?

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